1) How it works?

You need to follow few basic steps to place your order. First of all go to our order page and complete the order form. Second step is to make the payment using your credit card or PayPal account. We then assign your work to the professional and this process usually takes less than one working day, but we endeavor to be quicker for more urgent orders. As soon as we complete your order, we will inform you by the mail and send your order, before the deadline.

2) Is my identity confidential?

We never reveal that you’ve used our service unless we’re required by law to do so. If you’ve used our service correctly, you need not to be worried.

3) What if the work was completed but I didn’t receive it? Do I get my money back?

Yes agree if we can prove to you that the work was completed on time, which the money back guarantee does not apply. Unavoidable technical errors may prevent you receiving your work or opening it properly – these circumstances are therefore outside of our control and guarantees. However, we promise that if we cannot complete work on time you’ll get a full refund.

4) Is using our service cheating?

Without any hesitation the answer to this question is NO. The service we offer is 100% legal, legitimate and won’t make you a cheater.

5) What is your email address for the customer support?

Our customer service email address is enquiry@expertsglobe.com

6) How do I receive my assignment work?

All work will be available in your Experts Globe account inbox also we send it by e-mail and comes as an attachment in the form of a word document.

7) How long does it take to complete the assignment?

It depends on the complexity of the assignment. It may range from one day to several weeks. Anyway, the deadline can be specified by you. We advise you to place the order as early as possible so a sufficient amount of time can be spent on your assignment.

8) What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal, debit card, credit card or electronic funds transfer. PayPal is free to join and easy to use. You do not need to have a PayPal account if you want to make payment by debit card or credit card, or alternatively, you are welcome to make a deposit directly into our bank account. If you would like to make payment by other methods, please contact us.

9) What if we fail to deliver work before the deadline?

If we fail to deliver the work on time, you will get it for free. However, we have never missed out on the deadlines and not in the habit to deliver the work late.

10) What are your hours of operation?

Our business is internet-based. Therefore, it is not restricted to office hours. You can contact us and place the order anytime.

11) How do I submit the document?

Simply click the Assignment submission and follow our steps to submit the document.

12) What is the format of documents that I can send?

It includes, but not limited to, the following:

  • Word Document File (.doc)
  • Excel Spreadsheet (.xls)
  • PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt)

13) Do you offer a variety of writing formats as per the clients’ requirements?

Of course. We do present various formats to satisfy our client’s requirements.

14) Will you be able to find a suitable tutor for me?

We will be able to find a suitable tutor due to our thorough knowledge of our tutors and their experience, background and characteristics.

15) Can I request revisions?

Yes, Assignment Helps are always ready to make revisions for the assignments.